Benjamin Wright is a composer, studio musician, and music teacher in Brooklyn, NY. 

As an electric and acoustic bassist he has performed and recorded with many artists including Louis C.K. (SweetPro), G Koop, Reggie Watts, Chuck DaFonk (Parliament), Lee Fields and the Expressions, and contributed as a writer to original groups including The Live and Breathe, Wu Li, Dance Fight, Jupiter One, III Kings, Tam Lin, and Fiber. 

Benjamin’s latest projects include an album of compositions inspired by the mathematician Fibonacci and his Golden Ratio, as well as original score for a documentary film about homelessness in the Canadian city of Ottawa.

Project Fibonacci Inc and The Live and Breathe came together in early 2017 to record the album entitled Project Fibonacci: Rete. All compositions were inspired by the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci’s renowned mathematics. 

Four years in the making, Project Cold Days is a feature length documentary film shot in the frigid Canadian winter. The film focuses on those living on the streets while suffering from mental health and addiction issues. Project Cold Days will be premiering for the homeless community in Ottawa Canada on December 15th and will be taken worldwide in 2018.


PHOTO BY: Stephen R. Coleman

PHOTO BY:  Nousha Salimi

PHOTO BY: Nousha Salimi

Benjamin’s compositions and bass playing can also be heard on the multiple Emmy award winning television series Louie (Louis C.K.), as well as the feature film Knucklehead (dir. Ben Bowman, 2015), the short film Lethe (dir. Leo Claussen, 2014) and the feature film The Cursed Ones (dir. Nana Obiri Yeboah, 2015).  His work with Jupiter One appears in popular video game titles from EA Sports as well as television and radio advertisements. 

Benjamin’s bass demos for SolidGoldFX can be seen HERE.

Benjamin attended Berklee College of Music from 1995 to 1999.