“...one of the best, coolest, hippest, most original soundtracks on TV.”

praise for "Louie", The Times Picayune



Based in Brooklyn, NY, SWEETPRO is a group of musicians and friends who compose, record, and perform music for film and television.

We create the music for comedian Louis CK's Emmy Award winning series "Louie", and are also featured on  "Louis CK Live at the Beacon Theater", "Louis CK Live at the Comedy Store", and "Horace and Pete". 

Matt Kilmer (drums, percussion), Michael Shobe (trumpet), Maxfield Gast (saxophone), Benjamin Wright (bass), Adam Platt (piano), John Shannon (guitar), Ryan Scott (guitar), Adam Tilzer (audio engineer). 




“...as much as Louis CK’s comedy tickles the senses, so does the show’s music, 

which ranges from jazz to be­bop to rock and classical inspired compositions...”

­The Hollywood Reporter



...(one) of Louie’s best assets – the music by Matt Kilmer and SweetPro.

Kate Kulzick - soundonsight.org



“Matt Kilmer and SweetPro manage to outdo themselves more or less every

week. Louie should have soundtracks out on CD. Let’s make it happen.”

Zach Dionne - grantland.com